"I was totally blown away with the reading"

"Cloe has a profound connection with Spirit,  I have been struggling with an issue at home for a long time to the point I was unable to hear or see a solution. I finally decided through Cloe to ask for me how to see my way through it.  I was totally blown away with the reading, spot on with my thoughts and actions thus far in the situation.  I am happy to say guidance was provided as to handle the situation for now and that my dreams are coming true.

I am extremely pleased with the extra attention Cloe provided to my reading.  I trully believe it was not be accident I find Cloe on You Tube, I will definitely use Cloe's gifts again!

Thank you so much!

Love and light,"

Debbie . S USA

"Cloé is amazingly gifted!

"Cloé is amazingly gifted! I saw she was being brave & finally opening herself up to her gifts. I jumped on the opportunity to get a reading from her.

I’m so glad I did because she picked up on a very subconscious fire/anger within me. I have lots of emotions running through me at the moment, perhaps more than I thought and she reminded me to be still & relax.

I’m also moving in a new direction with my healing/psychic services & she’s picking up that I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing at the moment, which was such a big validation for me, as this is a rather new niche I’m carving out & I have to be creative in the way in which I carry this out. Also I’ve been seeing 555 like crazy and she picked up that 5 vibration and mentioned it to me! How amazing is that? Please, if you wanted a read from her, go for it.

Thank you, Cloé."

By Adrieanna M. Chirco.  USA

"she is a very talented lady."

Her readings are so beautiful, she is a very talented lady. Every reading so far seems so personal to me. I have gained a lot from them especially as I am going through a hard time at the moment. 

Love to you Cloe xx🙏 

Denise Allan. UK